When the weekend hits, where does it take you?

In February 2018, it is said that 32.6 million people were in work and only 17% of their waking day was spent in their homes. As the new home-avoiding trend is on the rise, ARC Design Services sets out to create unique and innovative ways to brighten up the routine of everyday life. Through creativity and even re-design, our services can ensure that walking through your front door enhances the appeal of coming home.

Long gone are the days of eating out when a kitchen becomes a sanctuary of aesthetically pleasing design. Cooking amongst mood lighting and finding your way through an oasis of carefully thought out architecture, we can create a luxurious experience for each and every meal. We can also add a touch of opulence and compliment your home with extras, such as a wine store, an increasingly popular among kitchen and living space re-design projects.

ARC Design Services helps to create alternative spaces in which to spend your time and mental energy and as a healthy recreational investment. Wind down to your favourite movie in one of our premium designed multimedia cinema rooms with leather seats and embedded surround sound systems fit for a red carpet experience. If keeping fit is your escape, our design experts can create a swimming pool that catapults you into a sea of calm and a home gym to motivate you to achieve your goals.

Imagine walking into a bedroom and immediately feeling the release of every day stress. Our bespoke design services can include soundproofing; locking the outside world away. But a good nights sleep doesn’t just stop there; through interior design colours and artistic decor, you can guarantee your bedroom will be a place of rest and relaxation; making the snooze button a lot easier to hit.

ARC Design Services can cater to clients needs with either one or all of our services as a complete package. We create the home that you want and the space that you desire, breaking the modern day trend and showing that staying at home can be just as tempting as going out.

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