Bathroom technology to upgrade your renovation!

Renovate your bathroom using the latest technology in design and create your bespoke spa in your own home. Are you looking for some bathroom inspiration or a way to freshen up your bathroom experience? Check out some new technologies being introduced to home bathrooms and you can have that glamorous hotel suite experience every day.

Welcome to the era of VibrAcoustic hydrotherapy! This unbelievable technology allows you to play music while you’re bathing. This doesn’t sound so outlandish but… it also allows you to feel the music through vibrations in the water. It creates a brilliantly calming and soothing experience. Simply, hook your phone up via Bluetooth and saturate your bathroom with your favourite songs or choose some relaxing custom sounds that come with the system. There are other additional features you can opt for as well, such as including chromotherapy LED lights to your bathtub with 8 different colours and a number of different sequences to enhance your relaxation. You can also have a bath that heats up the surface of the tub so when you recline and lean back your back, shoulders and neck will be nicely heated.

Other trends within bathroom design include LED lighting incorporated within cabinets and storage areas. LED lights are also popular around the bath or shower and along the edge of the ceiling. This creates a modern, tranquil look to your bathroom and adds a feeling of lavishness. A brilliant collaboration to go with LED lighting is the Kohler Konnect, which simply allows you to control the lighting and the music in your bathroom through an app. So, if you fancy some low lighting and classical music to help you wind down in the bath, there’s an app for that. Or take a look at the iDevices Dimmer Switch which lets you control all these functions via voice commands.

Other bathroom technologies that are popular at the moment are the spa-inspired steam shower. It may seem quite excessive to invest in a steam shower, but the benefits are countless, which makes it definitely worth the installation with your bathroom renovation. Steam showers induce perspiration which helps clear the skin of dirt and impurities. They also soften your hair improving the overall condition. Also, carrying on from the trend of creating the most relaxing setup, steam showers increase your blood circulation helping to relax your muscles and eliminate tension. This will help you sleep better at night and generally reduce stress. One steam shower a day can improve your health so much that it is definitely worth adapting your design around this feature.

It's now easier than ever to create the perfect, custom sanctuary bathroom in your own home. It's important to start and finish your day in the ideal environment and have space where you can truly unwind and let the stress of the day melt away.

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