Not once but twice!!

ARC Design Services is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for a consecutive year at LABC Building Excellence Awards 2018 North West for TWO projects in the Best Extension category.

It is a great honour to be shortlisted for such prestigious awards for a consecutive year. To have two projects shortlisted is more than we could have hoped for and shows that we are truly leading the way. The LABC Excellence Awards are a great accolade and being shortlisted amongst the big names in construction industry demonstrates the high-level capabilities of the local architectural designers, such as ourselves.

There are a number of key metrics that the LABC review, including meeting building regulations, performance and stability, working relationships, site and project management, innovation and problem solving and overall outcomes. To meet these, we adopt an intelligent, balanced, holistic approach in order to meet client briefs, whilst at the same time, ensuring that their architectural designs are economic and efficient to run. Incorporating innovative design elements and materials results in the creation of pleasing spaces for people with low environmental impact, as well as being affordable, durable, readily available and easy to maintain.

We always pay close attention to features, including additional insulation in order to reduce air leakage, innovative materials such as powder-coated aluminium to create durable window and door frames, flat roofs with large windows and skylights affording optimal natural light for the homeowners to enjoy.


Our client in Timperley had a property with a lot of sentimental value attached to it by a number of family stakeholders. Whilst there was a need to remodel the home for modern family life, there was a strong desire to maintain the traditional values of the home to retain childhood memories. Our solution more than doubled the living space of the house and created a balance between people, place and purpose. Through the clever timber facade of the extension, a contrasted look and feel was created, which is unique to the area and differentiates the property considerably. The overall look and feel of the extension is a balance of harmony within the environment and landscape, yet making a statement about modern living and accessibility.

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