Small spaces can have style!

It's not just large houses that can look good. You only have to look at other parts of the world that are tight on space to see how innovation and a good creative eye can create amazing homes in smaller spaces. Just look at New York's best emerging architectural design studios. By following some simple guidelines, you can transform a smaller space that is considered to be outdated, into a new space, with a bigger look and feel to cater to modern-day family lives.

Keep It Clean - Don't be tempted to overcomplicate with useless design features. Is there a logical structural plan? Do the walls line up between the floors? You'll be surprised how many houses don't have floors that marry up and will need additional structural support.

Open Floor Plan - By having a simple open floor plan means fewer walls and therefore less building material. Don't waste space unnecessarily, and with a logical structural plan shared between floors, you will gain the appearance of a larger space.

Simple Details - This may come to personal taste and style, but simple details do not mean lesser quality, they can mean affordable. By not having clutter, and creative architectural design solutions, such as window seats or optimising on natural light, can make use of the space available and help to keep overall running costs down.

Choose Materials Smartly - Modern materials such as ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) and powder-coated aluminium frames will create an elegant finish to your home. Moreover, ICF has excellent benefits for insulation, which will have a long-term impact on reducing the running costs. Choosing modern techniques for flooring and lighting should also be carefully considered for sustainability and the impact on the environment.

Binge Carefully - Choose the key highlights that will add panache but not break the bank. Ceramics may be compromised for lights, but a bespoke kitchen top will add a real 'wow' factor to the overall appearance.

Seek Cheaper Designs - You may like Roche Bobois, but you can find cheaper alternatives in most high street shops. Shop wisely to find the style you like without the high-end luxury cost.

Online Shopping and Outlet Malls - Take advantage of a competitive market and shop around for the best price. Many retailers have 'best value' and 'price match' offers. Visit your nearest Outlet Mall to see what luxury brands have on offer.

Put the garage in the basement - With innovative car lifts, Arc Design Services can create a garage underground so you don't lose valuable exterior space. Look on our website for our award-winning designs on Park Road in Hale!

Arc Design Services has delivered many projects for smaller properties, including a bungalow in Wilmslow and a semi-detached house extension in Timperley. Both of these resulted in amazing transformations bringing the houses up-to-date. They look amazing and use modern, sustainable materials including ICF and powder-coated aluminium frames. To find out how Arc Design Services can transform your house call 0161 928 4433.

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