The perfect guide to your new self build home

The number of people interested in building their own homes in the UK increased by 80% in 2017 compared to 2016. The new figures reveal that the British want to build their own home, with over 11,000 self-build homes per year, and over one million people in the UK indicating an interest in building their own home in the next year.

Self-building, of course, does not mean picking up bricks and getting stuck in. In fact, less than 10% of all home build projects include the owner being significantly involved within the actual building process. The key to the self-build process is that it can be tailored around your lifestyle. Building a home is a unique opportunity to create a home that suits your needs perfectly.

How much does it cost to build a home?

Costs for building your own home will vary depending on the quality of the materials and size. Land prices and labour cost must be taken into consideration when building your own home, as these prices will vary by region.

Remember that land, materials, labour, professional fees, legal charges and also the fees to apply for planning permission, as well as building regulations, will all need to be signed off before the build can begin.

How to finance a self build?

  • Savings
  • The sale of a previous home
  • Large personal loan
  • Specialist self-build mortgage

Self-build mortgages are available from several high street banks and specialist providers. These release funds at various stages of the build (usually when you purchase the land, the subculture build, various stages of the construction and then completion). It is extremely important to do your research on the latest build mortgage deals and shop around for the best one for your individual needs.

Designing your new home.

Every home is designed differently in some way depending on your personal style choice, this may be traditional such as Georgian, Tudor and Victorian homes with warm and cosy exteriors or this may be contemporary with white rendered exteriors, flat roofs, vast areas of glazing and large open plan interiors.

Should you wish to know more abSome people design their own home or work with an architectural designer. The first stage of the design process is creating a brief, outlining your exact requirements and needs.

How long does it take to build a home?

An average self build takes a year on-site and a year planning. As a general rule you should expect two months to confirm a design and budget, and three months to obtain planning permission. You should also be prepared for uncontrollable factors such as weather conditions, especially in winter, as this can slow a build down.

Where to go from here?

  • Determine a budget
  • Secure a mortgage agreement or financial agreement
  • Investigate plot opportunities
  • Work out build costs
  • Buy a plot
  • Select an architectural designer
  • Research builders
  • Apply for planning permission and building regulations
  • Set a start date

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