Bringing family closer this Christmas

Christmas is one of the best times of the year, with all the family gathering in celebrations for the festive period. It’s all good if your family lives locally, however, if you have parents, aunties and uncles scattered across the country or even farther afield, accommodating a big inter-generational family can become an issue. It may be a bit late for this Christmas, but if you think ahead, you could have the perfect space for next year.

Some people may consider building a separate “granny” annexe. This is a great option, as it provides separate liveable space for your family, and allows everyone to enjoy independence and carry on with their lifestyles. But if it is only used for temporary accommodation, you might just think twice. Having a separate annexe can incur significant costs and if the annexe is for residential use, you are more likely to require planning permission. Also since 2016, there are additional tax implications for having a separate annexe, so a more cost effective solution may be to link the annexe to your existing property.

So what is the best way to comprise independent living space to give the occupier the feel of their own space but which is still integrated with the house? The answer could be converting your single story unused extensions like a garage or a conservatory into a living room or bedroom with access to the kitchen and a bathroom. This will allow a comfortable stay for your family members without putting a strain on your everyday lifestyle or on your budget.

Furthermore, the good news with extension regulations, is now the maximum size of single-storey extension for a detached house is eight metres. This is actually double compared to the previous legislation. So if you do not currently have an extension, it might be worthwhile considering one. In fact, typically, an extension is 60% of the cost of an annexe. This could be an ideal solution for increasing liveable space cost-effectively. The extension will remain an integral part of your home and can be used for other purposes when your visitors have returned home.

ARC Design Services recommend that professional architectural assistance is sought if considering any developments, for several reasons. An architectural designer will know what is authorised under permitted development, which means you will not necessarily require a planning permission for such projects. Secondly, a professional architectural designer will help you create a bespoke scheme, which will not only potentially add value to your house, but also will make sure it looks the part, blending into your property, and not just a rectangular block by the side or at the rear of your home.

Arc Design Services would like to wish all of our clients, suppliers and partners a very Merry Christmas, and happy and prosperous New Year.

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