Blur the lines between your interior and exterior with floor to ceiling windows

Whether you are in the planning stages of designing your dream home, or thinking about a facelift for your current dwelling, you should seriously consider floor to ceiling windows. The huge panoramic windows literally become the key element of the house, and carry functional benefits as well as adding striking looks and comfort.

There are many benefits of floor to ceiling windows, however there are also some points that you will need to consider.

Benefiting from the natural light

The panoramic windows allow natural light flow and create an aesthetically pleasing outlook. You will also be surprised how efficient light flow combined with clever design tricks, can create depths and a larger liveable space, providing a whole new look and feel. As well as increasing the comfort, the flow of light and natural air carry several health benefits. Firstly, lighting up your home will inspire and drive mental and visual stimulation. Also, when exposed to sunlight, human skin produces vitamin D, which is one of the main building blocks for bones. So if you work from home, you can blur the lines between the interior and exterior for extra inspiration and wellbeing.

Air flow

Many floor to ceiling windows allow versatile control, and when fully open, provide incredible air flow, completely removing the border between interior and exterior. So if you are living in the beautiful country side, you can let your house inhale the incredible scents of spring and summer, and create the ultimate outdoor experience, and bring the outside, in.

Making the most of the surroundings

Undoubtably, when buying/building the house, you have considered your surroundings. So whether you are living in beautiful countryside or overlooking a vibrant urban city, you want to make the most of it. What can be better than watching a lit up city at night or your kids playing in the back garden, whilst relaxed on your sofa?

However there are some factors which require thought….

It will be a costly project if something goes wrong, and you need to ensure that everything is done professionally and to your best interests. Here are just few things to consider:

  • When installing floor to ceiling windows, legal requirements from British Standards and British Regulations need to be complied with.
  • If you are installing the floor to ceiling windows, you will need professional advice on how to maintain your privacy when required. Your home will definitely stand out from the crowd, and you need to make sure that you keep yourself to yourself when you need to.
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