Top Tips For Finding The Perfect Plot

Your dream house deserves the perfect plot. This can be difficult in a fiercely competitive market, between full time land finders, property developers, and self builders all vying for the same land. However, there are ways in which you have an added advantage as an independent plot finder.

1. Be flexible and Open Minded.

Your perfect idea may not exist. Try to be moveable about the size and shape, but also ensure the suitability of the area. You may find a plot with a property in situ, which can be demolished to make way for your dream home.

2. Do Your Research

Study maps, such as google maps and street scene to establish gaps between, and around buildings. Walk around the areas you are interested in, and make notes and sketches to investigate later on. Visit local planning departments to discover applications. You can contact an applicant directly to establish if they are wanting to sell their land, with or without planning permission.

3. Be Friendly With Everybody

Tell everybody you know about your quest for a plot. A friend or family member may have a pocket of garden which they are willing to sell, or gift.

Visit estate agencies on a regular basis to ensure they know you, and you are the contact in their top drawer to be contacted for first refusal of any land which becomes available.

Befriend builders, and be privy to industry information about available land. Builders may also have a land bank, which you could access, if they are not able to develop it for cash flow reasons etc. However, be aware that if you follow this route, you may have to use that builder to develop your property.

Visit local establishments, and get friendly with the locals for more in-depth information.

4. Be Aware of Land Sourcing Agencies

Professional land finders increase the price of land and can charge a high commission for their services. Some companies also insist on the use of certain suppliers and contractors on purchasing land through their services. Land listing agencies can be useful to discover land and how much it costs. Ignore current planning permission in place, on purchase of a plot, as this can be changed at a later date.

Turn this moment in your journey into an adventure, but stay informed along the way. ARC Design Services can offer assistance and professional advice, primed for the design of your dream home. To find out more, visit

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