No need to compromise with Arc Design Services

Many modern houses are designed and built to a cookie cutter specification. They all look alike, leaving no real way to distinguish between your house and the ones lined up and down the street.

Such houses are beautiful, but you may be tempted to modify the building, and add some of your own personality to your home. There’s no need for your house to look like every other house. Experts at Arc Designs Services can help you expand or remodel to create a unique house that caters to your specific needs.


Space is always a major issue with the flow of a house. Maybe you have the perfect location, but the interior doesn’t meet your needs. Why not consider expanding your house to create much more space? You may be limited by building regulations or exterior space, but there may be opportunities you’ve not yet considered and this is where Arc Design Services can add real value.

You can build forward, backwards, down, and extend upwards. You can create depth in your home by building interesting features and areas of space. Perhaps it is modifying the floor plan to create an open living area, creating the feeling of more space. Alternatively you may have a specific feature in mind, such as a pool, which you could consider building into the basement, and have a pool just beneath your feet.

Not enough rooms for the children? Expand another room over the garage to accommodate the whole family, or even convert the garage to a brand new room. Whatever your needs are, Arc Designs Services will find the best solution for you.

There are also occasions when the house is everything you want on the inside, but the outside just doesn’t suit your taste. Arc Design Services’s expert teams can help you design and remodel your house to fit your personality. If you want a modern look, increase the number of windows, and bring some more light into your home. Creative windows can create beautiful designs on your home. For a more classic look, build pillars to frame different areas of your home, or build a patio and deck to surround your home.

Arc Design Services can turn any home into your dream home. Don’t compromise and look to Arc Design to transform your house into your own unique home. Contact us on or call 0161 928 4433.

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