Think Big

Looking to build your own home? Then build it the way you’ve always imagined. Don’t let societal norms restrict your ideas. Build the house of your dreams and let your imagination run wild. Why keep walls straight and parallel when walls can be built in any shape and angle possible? Think big and look to Arc Design Services to design a unique house to fit your personality.

Instead of a square design, why not consider adding some depth to your house. Design the second floor to be smaller than the first floor to avoid the ‘square block’ look of townhouses, or build the second floor to project further more forward than the first floor. You could layer vertically by pulling areas of the house forward or building pillars to frame areas of your house. Why keep your house all on one block when you can build or remodel in L shapes or in a semi circle? Arc Design Services has all of the skills and ideas to build your perfect home design no matter how unconventional the shape is.

Why not have some change and build walls at a slant or have rounded walls? There are many opportunities to build in shapes such as domes, igloos, or create images with buildings. Let yourself be inspired by the Flinstone Cave home in California, or maybe the Cloud House in Australia. There’s inspiration everywhere and with any shape you can think of, Arc Design Services could make it happen. Windows don’t need to be boring, you can even build shapes with windows to create 3D effects to your home. Or maybe you could turn your house into the ultimate Alice in Wonderland tribute or be inspired by Hogwarts and design a magical house.

Even if your current house is a more ‘normal’ looking house, you can always think about adding some unusual elements, such as a ‘U’ shaped extension to create an internal courtyard, or using different shaped windows.

Services can give you all the advice you need and would love to help design and build the house you desire. Contact us on or call 0161 928 4433.

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