Garage to Annex Conversions

Converting your separate space could be the best and biggest decision you make this year. Creating an area completely personal and just how you want it is an important element when you have access to even more space alongside your own home!

Having a keen eye for very specific details is always a positive when it comes to your home, and if you have the luxury of a separate garage then take advantage. With the help of our inspirational architectural designers you’ll have the ability to impart your own personal taste into your home without the stress of DIY.

There are endless options this space could be used for, for instance an extra bedroom or a stylish and sophisticated office. If there’s even more space it could be a modernistic summer house or a fully utilised annex with living space, a kitchen, beds and baths. With a larger space situated separately from the main house, it could be the perfect location for family visitors or grown up children coming back to visit. This could be the solution to socialising yet retaining your privacy.

Garden Room Visuals

Summer House

With a summer house you may want to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors whilst keeping out of the British summer breeze, therefore bringing the indoors, outdoors. Perfect for the spring and autumn weekends, and idealistic for entertaining visitors.

Fully Utilised Annex

With a larger space you could create a wide open living space including a kitchen diner and living area and a modern bedroom space with ensuite. Just because it’s smaller than your main house doesn't mean it can’t be just as cosy and stylish! The annex can be designed to your exact likings whether it be to create a wall of windows letting in the light or keeping it soft and cosy for the winter months, anything is possible!

The innovative designs that are created with our architectural designers alongside you, are all filled with inspiration and passion to create and make the most out of the space you have. Whether it be a single story garage converted into a cosy office space or extra living area. Even more if it’s a double story space that is feeling empty, there is always a way to inject your personal ideals!

IIf you are interested in creating that perfect annex get in contact with Arc Design Services on 01619284433 or look for more information throughout the website.

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