Luxury entertainment at comfort of you own home

Having a home cinema may seem like an unattainable luxury. However, if you have the availability of a spare room, a garage or a basement, you may be able to make you dream come true, and truly transform your film viewing into a true movie experience at the comfort of your home.

The key question you have to ask yourself, is to what extent do you want to replicate the cinema experience, as this will determine the complexity of the project. Arc Design Services recommends that the main considerations be given to acoustics, projection and the design of the home cinema room.


Having quality sound is key to delivering the cinema feel experience with a surround sound atmosphere. Therefore, if you want to recreate the real cinema sound experience, you need to prevent sound re-vibration. You may consider having going into details such as acoustic wall treatment, which comprises filling the walls with foam to prevent re-vibration, and helps to achieve the purest sound quality which will really complements the professional sound system.

Screen and projector

There are many options available for screens and projectors, variable factors such as light may effect the overall quality. Some things to consider include:

  • The number of lumens of the projector will effect the brightness
  • A screen with perforations, to allow sound flow through the screen if you have your speakers beg the screen
  • The appropriate screen surface to match the viewing environment
  • The position of the screen
  • Position and the size of auditorium for the screen ratio


The importance of the design of the home cinema room shouldn’t be underestimated. You need to decide if you are transforming the room dedicated to a home cinema room, or whether the room will be used for other purposes. Having a fold away projector and furniture, will allow flexibility in the room’s usage. However, it is vital to consider the layout of the room, in order to maintain the functionality and the comfort when the room is not being used as a home cinema. If the sole purpose of the room is a home cinema, then Arc Design Services would suggest a minimalistic design with comfortable furniture and no reflective-objects.

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