Top tips for converting your loft

Converting your loft could be extremely beneficial to the value of your home and your standard of living, providing a calming stylish space to unwind. However, a loft conversion may turn into your worst nightmare; with builders, architects, roof lights and staircases. It wouldn't take much for all the stress to get the most of you. So we’ve compiled a short list of things to be aware of when converting your loft.

What type of conversion is for me?

Conversion types all depend on what kind of roof you have. For example Hip-To-Gable conversions are more suited for sloped roofs to eaves on all four sides. It can also depend on if you want increased floor space, in that case Arc Design Services would recommend to have spiral staircases for reduced flooring space. If you are unsure on your roof type or which conversion you would find more beneficial to your standard of living and your purse, we would advise consulting an architectural designer such as Arc Design Services.

Will I need planning permission?

Most likely planning permission won’t be needed due to loft conversions being within permitted development (the right to modify your house). Despite this, don’t entirely forget about planning permission, because it may be needed if you change your roof’s volume (subject to house type)/ height. If the materials used aren’t similar to that of the existing house, planning permission will be needed before proceeding. Most importantly be careful if your house is a listed building because, you will indefinitely require planning permission.

How important is budgeting?

Budgeting could be the difference between having a lovely new office above your home or having a lovely new hole above your home where a roof should be. When getting a loft conversion make sure to get quotes from several builders and other experts needed, because you certainly don’t want to get half way through the conversion and be left empty handed with builders fees due. Make sure you do a detailed budgeting plan and can afford any work being planned before hand. But on the other hand don’t feel you have to pick inexperienced professionals because they are cheaper, because this could lead to bigger problems.

To conclude make sure you are aware of why you want a loft conversion and why it would benefit you. Plan everything as much as possible for a less stressful time with your loft conversion and contact architectural designers for advice.

If your interested in a loft conversion contact Arc Design Services or for more information visit or call 0161 928 4433.

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