Top Tips for a House Extension Continued

We’re continuing for our top tips on a house extension this month. Many homeowners are challenged by space and the demand of every day living. Perhaps your family has grown or you need to change the functionality of a room. Arc Design Services has detailed top tips to help you when making decisions about your house extension:

Part 2

6. Neighbours and proximity

One of the main challenges for extensions can be the impact on a neighbours property, especially in high density population areas. Your architectural designer will create your extension to try and avoid overlooking neighbours, or without over-extending so that your house merges with your neighbours.

7. Quality or Quantity

Cost is always a deal maker or breaker. When considering your needs, it is better to use quality materials that take short cuts which you may regret later. If you’re building a large extension, but concerned about cost, consult with your architectural designer on their recommendations. There may be some new building techniques that solve your concerns such as ICF blocks.

8. Extension or Rebuild

Interestingly many homeowners need such a radical change to their house that they decided to actually knock-down the house and rebuild entirely. You may be surprised that this option may suit you best depending on budgets and timeframes. Arc Design Services have delivered successful projects that have been total rebuilds on existing housing plots and won awards for their innovative design.

9. Prepare to Live Through the Mess

Get ready for disruption. Mentally prepare yourself to have to put up with some major inconveniences such as limited water usage so if you can, why not consider moving out for a short time, which has some real benefits:

  • Potentially fast build duration, which may lower build costs
  • Constructors can turn power, water and heat off without any inconvenience to you
  • Builders don’t have to tidy up all the time
Not everyone has the option to move out. So prepare by covering your items and furniture in dust sheets and lock up the rooms that won’t be effected. Stay positive and keep the end objective in mind.

10. Price and Value

Set a budget at the very beginning of your project and calculate the benefit of the end result in what value you will add on to your home and the benefit you will gain. Only you can evaluate the full return in terms of value from your investment.

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