Top Tips for a House Extension

Here at Arc Design Services, we understand that space is a challenge. Our architectural design services enable our clients to optimise on their space through creative design solutions for their homes. Here are our top tips on for a house extension, how to prepare and what to expect.

1. Should you move or extend?

Firstly, is an extension the right decision. Will this meet your long term objectives, would a move not be something to be considered? Is the investment worth it? Extensions should add value to your home, however, some houses are restricted and could be over-developed. Consider this when making your decision.

2. Creating the right brief

Evaluate the functionality of the room and brief your design architect. Explain the current restrictions and how the space needs to work to meet your needs. Consider what times during the day you will use the room, is there more than one person using the room, does it need to cater for a range of ages? Is the extension overlooking a particular exterior focal point? Brief your architect as to the objectives and aspiration for the room.

3. Look and feel for materials

The materials used can be used to create a completely different look and feel of the home. There may be limitations on what can be used if your house is a character piece or perhaps a contrast can be used to define the style and area of the new extension. Your Architectural Designer will advise you on what works best for your house.

4. Define the size

A key part of the extension is how big should your extension be? Defining the size may be limited by the land, surrounds and building regulations. Your architectural designer will be able to advise you on what size will best meet your needs for the purpose of the room.

5. Architectural Design Style

All houses have a look and feel and a style, which is defined by the material used and the period the house was built. Considering the style for the new extension can make a big difference to the finished result. Take the advice of your architect to decide if you want a contrasting look for your extension or a build in keeping with the current style.

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