What do you think of ICF blocks?

ICF blocks are becoming increasingly popular in the constructions sector. Here at ARC Design Services we have undertaken several projects, where we have used ICF blocks, and we saw real benefits from using them, and we would like to share them with you.

But let us explain what ICF blocks are. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), are ultimately lego blocks, which are connected with plastic ties or pre-formed interlocking blocks, forming the structure of your house. Delivering fantastic thermal insulation and sound wall characteristics, ICF’s could feature in your next home.

We love using ICFs, as it allows great flexibility in the design. ARC Design Services is always on the lookout for the latest trends in the architecture sector, and we always look to deliver fresh designs for our clients. ICF offers versatility in design and allows us to be as creative and flexible as we want. For example, the design of your future home will not be limited by the boring 90 degree angles. The ICF blocks have superior strengths and allow adaptation when it comes to curves and quirky angles, without compromising on your safety.

UK is set to experience the coldest winter in the last five years, with possibility of heavy snowfall, and the temperature hitting bone-chilling levels. The old built houses, will really feel this. The ICF blocks maximise on energy efficiency, reducing your bills and will save you money, as the energy prices are growing continuously. The innovative thermal characteristics, allow minimal air flow, and will work it’s magic on making your home resist the upcoming temperature falls.

Using ICF enables speedy construction. So you can have your perfect home designed and built, within a really short time frame. ICF’s are also made in a way to minimise waste, therefore as well as reducing time for waste management, it reduces costs related to waste disposal.


Finally using ICF allows us to bring out the best from our expertise in architecture and design, as we are not tied down by any restrictions related to the characteristics of the materials we use. So trust us to design the perfect home for you, without compromises.

So what do you think about using ICF for your next home?

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