Renovate your home with clever storage solution tips

Looking to save space, and freshen up the look of your home? Comprising elegance and a renovated contemporary look, then this blog is just for you with a couple of cheat solutions to add liveable space and increase functionality of your loved home.

You will be surprised how even manipulating light, can add depth and volume to your home, so go ahead and explore creative ways of giving your home the new-look.

ARC Design Services is always on the lookout for fresh ideas, which are recognised by world specialists for their unique and elegant designs. We have put together, in our opinion, the best ideas and solutions, for your home.

Unique partitions for co-existing rooms, which divide your liveable space into separate rooms. This can create an interesting solution if implemented correctly, offering a relaxed and informal feel to the ambience, and will make you almost unconscious of it being there. What recently caught our eye, was a partition wall, with maze-like incorporated shelves, which separates living space in to two separate rooms. Replacing continuous compartmentalising walls with an informal partition wall will provide a unique and informal touch, offer distinctive storage solution, and will encourage light flow adding volume and depth to the room.

Another clever solution is manipulating space hungry furniture and objects, in a way to optimise on space without compromising comfort and practicality of the room. It is all about creativity and careful planning. Turning larger items into informal space dividers can achieve amazing results, and this is what makes this solution unique and effective. A great example of this partition method, is using a unique wardrobe, as a room divider and a storage solution. Offering storage for clothing and dressing area on one side, and integrated shelves and flanking bed on the other, it creates depth and functionality, whilst adding an informal, fresh and renovated touch.

The last creative storage solution we want to share with you is to use your staircase to showcase your object’s d’art. Consider the staircase as stands for plants and ceramics. Ceramics can create a personal identity to a home, adding a warm feel and style, but finding the right spot for them can be difficult. This is how your staircase used beyond it’s functional use and play an important role in saving space.


Here at ARC Design Services we have plenty of ideas and creative solutions which we would love to share with you. We also understand that finding the right solution for your house and bringing it to live can be difficult, and will require careful planning and a professional approach when implementing the plan. Our award winning team are always conscious of the current trends in the architectural and design sector, and you can trust us to provide you with an optimum solution, so call us on 01606 928 4433.

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