Still thinking about going solar?

Here at ARC Design Services, we are passionate about providing most contemporary services and consultation, and always on the lookout for innovation in sustainable housing sector.

One of the recent stories which caught our eye was Tesla’s revolutionary solar panel innovation.

As a way to fight climate change, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and maintain the sustainability of our planet, Tesla looks for partnership-driven strategies to revolutionise the renewable energy sector.

The latest collaboration of Tesla and SolarCity presented the cutting-edge, inconspicuous solar panels with a quasi-infinite lifetime that look like normal roof tiles, at LA Universal studios. Thats right, the quarts technology solar panels with tempered glass protection installed, look to provide you with energy and boast with a much longer lifespan than your ordinary roof tiles. Complemented by the Tesla Powerwall, comprising leading technology and elegant design, it looks to make solar storage as compelling as the electric vehicles, so there is no more need for solar pods.

However the highlight of the design, was the fact that the solar panels were designed in a way to also look better than the normal roof tiles. The new solar panels disguise the solar cells through coloured film available in four styles, and provides a unique camouflaged design. Now your home can benefit from 100% renewable energy provision, without compromising on the style of your home.

Feeling inspired by the aesthetically beautiful and simple one-stop, solar energy solution? It also challenges the contemporary implications of using solar panels as a sustainable energy source.

With a growing concern relating to renewable energy issue, and sustainability of our planet, the subject now lies at the heart of our society. As well as carrying an ethical importance of wellbeing of our environment, solar panels provide several practicality benefits:

  • Builds upon decentralisation of power
  • Going solar-hybrid, allows ongoing provision of free energy
  • Promotes self-resilient lifestyle


If you are still inspired about bringing solar system to your home, contact the award wining ARC Design Services, to get contemporary advice on ways to upgrade your home to use renewable energy, without compromising on style. With preferred renewable energy partners, ARC Design services can help guide you to a perfect solar home. Please don’t hesitate and contact us on 01606 928 4433.

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