Super lift garage - the latest in luxury

Inspired by a James Bond concept, B29 create a super garage for a member of Switzerland royal family, with the main purpose of casing his luxury cars.

A huge piston powered underground garage comprises elegancy and provides unique protection for his valuable automobiles including the gorgeous Austin Healey Sprite. With the cutting edge garage technology, an app allows maintenance of a set weather condition, giving control over temperature, lighting and humidity, enabling the optimum climate for the car’s bodywork.

In the UK sufficient parking space is becoming an increasing issue in newly built homes. With developers of homes in highly congested areas designing the houses with the hope that the residents are likely to take to cycling, walking or public transport, in places like London, sufficient parking space can become a unique selling point.

With split level garages growing in popularity, ARC exploited their expertise in renovating a home in Park Drive, and created a lift garage for their clients. As well as adding a luxurious and innovative touch, the new design also delivered several practicality benefits.

  • Significant space saving providing sufficient area for manoeuvring
  • Increasing the property value
  • Providing unique security avoiding chances of dents or chips

Here at ARC Design Services we provide a wide spectrum of architectural services, and can boast with an award winning approach. When it comes to renovating your home, we want to make the process hassle free and enjoyable for you, so you can trust us with your home from the design and proposal phase all the way through to completion. So if you are considering having a multi level garage lift, look no further and contact us on 01606 928 4433 and take your garage to the next level.


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