Design features: Internal windows and glazed screens.

At ARC Design Services we are passionate about creating liveable spaces for our clients. Good design involves capitalising on natural light to create depth, space, and flow.

Often our remodelling services involve helping create larger liveable areas and a completely new feel. This usually involves manipulating light. There are a few architectural design tricks that we use to do this, including internal glazed screens, which we have recently installed in one of our houses in Hale.

Internal windows and glazed screens are good ways to manipulate light to make spaces feel bigger, create flow or develop depth.

Where can they be used?

  1. If you have a room in your house with limited natural light you can add an internal glazed screen as a replacement for a wall. The glass panes allow light to flow and will pull light from the outside helping create a brighter room.
  2. When creating a walk-in wardrobe, you can replace a solid wall with glazed screens or doors to help create depth in a room.
  3. If you have an entrance that opens into a room adding a glazed screen can help stop the room from feeling overexposed.
  4. If you are not a fan of complete open plan but still want your space to feel open and light, a glazed screen could be the answer.
  5. If you have a room that’s small but worth seeing like a wine cellar, glazed screens can be a great way to highlight it.

Here at ARC Design Services it is our prerogative to create space which works for you. We hope we have inspired you with some ideas for the use of internal windows and glazed screens. If you would like to discuss a new build, a remodelling, an extension or interiors please get in touch by calling 01606 928 4433.

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