Future Building Blocks Are Made Plastic Fantastic

At ARC Design Services we like to keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry and we’re particularly interested in eco-friendly design and build options.

We find it frightening that ‘The World Economic Forum’ has reported that there will be more plastic waste by weight in our oceans than there are fish by 2050. This is why we are excited about the news that “ByFusion” are creating technology to make waste plastic into building materials.

The idea started with New Zealand based engineer, Peter Lewis, who developed the initial machine which turns plastic into building materials. This technology is now at the centre of US company “ByFusion”, which is a 100% modular technology platform that converts all types of waste plastic into an alternative building material called “RePlast.”  The process is eco-friendly and is a low emission and non-toxic way to “upcycle” plastic waste from communities, coastlines, and landfills into a readily-usable new product. It can recycle all types of plastic waste and is portable meaning it is flexible. This could be the eco-friendly future of construction. Here at ARC Design services we are eagerly anticipating how this is going to change design and construction in the future.

“ByFusion” joins other eco-friendly projects, such as Australia RMIT University project that makes clay bricks out of discarded cigarette ends. It also joins “EcoBricks” a project that makes bricks from plastic bottles stuffed with un-recyclable material and the “Eco-BLAC” brick made out of industrial waste. The future of sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives is looking exciting.

At ARC Design Services we are already using eco-friendly construction methods. We received “Highly Commended” prize at the prestigious 2016 LABC Building Excellence North West Regional Awards for one of our homes designed with eco-friendly features. Our property was constructed utilising a revolutionary and eco-friendly Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) technique, and showcases creative features such as a space-saving car lift. Progressive energy-saving solutions, like a whole house ventilation system, have been integrated too, whilst our property also boasts a stunning, luxurious ambience.

For information on eco-friendly housing solutions, please call Arc Design Services on 0161 928 4433.

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