Leave or remain or somewhere in between?

The EU referendum result is sure to cause uncertainty in the property market after the UK voted 52% to 48% to leave the EU in Thursday’s referendum.

If you were looking to buy or sell because of space issues you could be stumped on what to do. Fortunately when trying to create more space you are not just stuck to ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’ you can actually create more space by extending or remodelling your current home.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that this result would lead to “financial market volatility and a hit to output.” Financial market volatility is sure to impact houses prices, mortgage costs and interest rates. George Osbourne, the Chancellor, warned that house prices could fall by 10pc to as much as 18pc by 2018 in the event that the British people vote to leave the EU. While, The IMF said that it could result in “sharp drops in equity and house prices, increased borrowing costs for households and businesses, and even a sudden stop of investment flows into key sectors such as commercial real estate and finance.”

Uncertainty prior to the EU referendum has already had some home buyers including “Brexit” clauses allowing them to back out of deals in Britain were to leave the EU. However, the Council of Mortgage Lenders has said they “do not expect significant house price falls, especially given the current supply demand imbalance”, yet, they do expect “both buyers and sellers [to] adopt a wait-and-see attitude until the dust begins to settle.”

If you don't want to sell at a time of uncertainty but are struggling for space our extension and re-modelling services could be for you. As Benjamin Franklin stated “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. We believe that changing a space you already know can be a cost-effective solution to space issues particularly in a time of economic uncertainly. At ARC Design Services we are experts in helping create more liveable spaces. Whether it’s a large or small extension, a single storey or a bigger two storey extension, we’ll work with you to gain the extra space you’re looking for. We transformed a Victorian property on Queens Road in Hale with various extensions to the side and the rear to create a large open plan kitchen, seating and family room in a traditional style to add a great deal of character to the rear of the original house. For images of the transformation click here.

If you can’t extend we also offer house re-modelling. We can redesign your space and create larger liveable areas. to create a completely new feel, ARC Design Services can remodel your home with a little creativity to develop the perfect home that, not only meets your needs, but also complements your home’s surroundings. We re-modelled a house on Brooklands Road in Sale. The original house on this site was a small 1,700sq f three bed detached 1960’s house, which was tired and dated. The client’s brief was to create a traditional, but modern interior, 5 bed 3 bath dwelling to bring the property up to date. We created a modern open plan living and eating area on the ground floor and making use of the space available to the rear and side of the property added extra rooms and accommodation to the first floor. The overall transformation has now created over 3,000 sq f of accommodation and therefore satisfying the client’s brief entirely. For images of the transformation click here.

There are so many ways that you can customise a home. For more information on our extension and re-modelling services, please call ARC Design Services on 0161 928 4433.

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