How A Stunning Staircase Can Take Your Home To New Heights

When we talk about interior design, we don’t simply imagine revamped colour schemes or striking new furnishings.

Great interiors enhance both the appearance and practicality of your home, and make your property more liveable and beautiful. At Arc Design Services, we don’t like to limit ourselves, and a recent installation of ours at Alderly Edge has got us thinking about the great architectural potential of staircases.

With the creative insight of a design expert, a staircase can serve far beyond the functional. Homeowners, including many of our clients now choose to transform their stairs into stunning architectural centrepieces. Statement staircases make for sensational focal points, and are surprisingly versatile in their design.

You can integrate modern design methods using materials such as glass, steel and exposed wood, stick to traditional techniques to enhance any period features, or do something totally different structurally. We’ve compiled our favourite staircase solutions, which marry both stunning style and architectural functionality. Read on to be inspired by stairs!


If cleverly integrated, bold constructions such as floating or spiral staircases can also great in any home. You can make it elegant, or strikingly structural in terms of design and materials used. For example, opting for a spiral staircase rendered in cast aluminium, makes for a beautifully modern juxtaposition. Just make sure to speak to an architecture professional to get the most out of your design and functionality.


Do you own a historic property with unique period features? If so, you have an architectural gem on your hands that you should make the most out of. To quickly upgrade your staircase, think about replacing older components with replica period fittings, such as spindles or handrails. Or you could really emphasise the particularly prominent period features of your home, such as painting a staircase glass white in a Georgian home.


Glass panel staircases can be incorporated as a more elaborate project. Today, glass can be structured in multiple ways, and can come in a range of decorative options. For more quirky designs, consider coloured, smoked, etched or shattered glass effects to bring your home to life, and brighten up your hallways. Just ask your architect, who can recommend a glass staircase solution that’l fit perfectly with your property.


Staircases can be a great way to add a bit of fun into your home. Combining materials, such as glass with metal or wood, achieves a contemporary aesthetic that can transform your staircase into a work of art. Your architect can make this modern look as minimal or striking as you require, and will always take into account functionality, placement and longevity when designing.

There’s so many great ways that you can transform your home. Get in touch with Arc Design Services to day, to find out what we can do you for! contact ustoday!

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