Brownfield Site Proposals Great News For Self and Custom Builders

The Government’s Housing and Planning Bill has really shaken up housebuilding in the UK.

The Bill, which is responsible for high-profile initiatives such as Help to Buy, also supplements the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 legislation, which we have been advocates of since its announcement.

Here at Arc Design Services, we’ve been pleased to see the Government take steps to support those who seek to develop independent housing projects. And recently, Minister for Housing and Planning, Brandon Lewis, has spoken further on the Government’s plans to ease the process for self and custom builders. Great news for our clients, and us.

In March, Lewis claimed that the Bill will prioritise brownfield building, whilst protecting the green belt land. CPRE research shows that brownfield sites can be developed six months faster than greenfield sites, which construction analysts Glenigan also found that housing developments of all types - whether self or custom build - are completed quicker when built or developed on previously used land. This is all good news for independents and innovators, as the Bill actively identifies and makes plots available for self-builders, and not just sprawling housing developments.

Although Lewis acknowledges that similar incentives have been proposed in the past, he states that his “target is to have planning permissions in place for 90 per cent of brownfield sites on the new statutory register by 2020,” and that under the Government’s Right to Build plan, “councils will be required to identify and supply shovel-ready plots, so self-builders don’t get worn down by municipal delays.”

As well as being eager to make plots available to self and custom builders, as part of the amended Housing and Planning Bill 2015, the Government will work with local authorities to ensure that the appropriate processes are in place in order to meet demand. Lewis cites fast-tracking planning permissions as a likely benefit to be offered to self an custom builders, although this is yet to be confirmed in the Bill. Either way, the tools and flexibility that the Housing and Planning Bill will implement, such as identifying and preparing land ready for housebuilding, supports self and custom builders by streamlining the process and allowing independents to get their foot in the door.

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