Jump The Custom and Self Build Housing Hurdle

A recent study commissioned by the the National Custom & Self Build Association (NaCSBA) has revealed that finding land is the biggest challenge that faces those wishing to create their dream home.

A remarkable 56% of survey respondents reported that finding an appropriate site on which to get their project underway was the greatest hurdle to overcome - a 15% increase from the last survey. Mike Hardwick, NaCSBA CEO, shares the sector’s concerns and comments that “the demand for land is still well above the available supply and so many” “are held back by this critical shortfall”.

Here at Arc Design Services, we are confident that ambitious homeowners can overcome current obstacles and achieve their perfect property aspirations. Firstly, new legislation set to come into force on 1st April 2016 which will help propel forward custom and self build opportunities. The initiative takes the form of a register managed by local authorities, which will record potential custom and self builders in their area. The intention is to permission sufficient plots of land to meet the requirement expressed by these builders, which is great news for those who currently struggle to get their project off the ground.

This ties in with the Government’s plan to double the number of custom and self build homes to 20,000 per year by 2020, and this initiative is fantastic news if you’re looking to build from the ground up. To make the most out of this revolutionary opportunity, it’s best to equip yourself with an experienced architect who’s knowledgable with new build challenges, regulations and possibilities. Arc Design Services have designed and built a wide range of bespoke new build properties across the North West, and we hope that new legislation will open up many more doors for our clients.

But it’s not all about starting from scratch, and with the help of a professional team, you can transform your current home into a property to rival any new build. Projects such as extensions and remodels also solve the obstacle of finding land to build on, and are especially ideal if you love your location or don’t want to move your family. At Arc Design Services, we are experts in architecture and have delivered stunning extension and remodelling projects that make full and innovative use of your property. Just click here to take a look at a selection of our modified properties.

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