Big Thinkers For British Architecture

Last month, London’s Royal Academy spoke out in criticism of the dullness currently plaguing British architectural output.

The internationally respected UK design stalwart made a call for more big ideas in the industry, and cited past design mavericks as their inspirations.

Lead curator and architectural expert at the Royal Academy, Owen Hopkins, stated that lack of unique style and non-conformist approach threatens to stall innovation, and that architectural designers must keep a constant focus on fresh thinking for British building to continue to develop. Hopkins says that non-conformism has an essential role in maintaining the quality of architecture, and has appealed for a reprisal of innovation in the British industry.

This echoes the opinions of Peter Cook, founder of Archigram, who has recently stated that British architecture is in the midst of a dull patch, mainly due to lack of experimentation and integration of technological advancements. This may seem a little dramatic. It’s not always appropriate to prioritise non-conformism over practicality. After all, homes are for living in as much as they are architectural constructs with aesthetic purpose, so it’s important to establish a balance that champions architectural beauty, pushes the boundaries of technology (think eco-credentials in today’s market).

Here at Arc Design Services, we bring big ideas to your home in a way that works for you. We offer fresh ways of thinking that take your property from an unremarkable living space to a creative and future-ready home which showcases stunning design. We like to think that we do British architecture proud, so how do we think big in a residential world?

  • We embrace change and are flexible: Much of the success of a build depends on the development of a fantastic, fresh concept early on in the process. At Arc Design Services, we are open to developments and try to put future longevity at the heart of our designs.
  • We push the boundaries of architectural technology: Our projects feature ICF technology, underground car lifts and unique whole house ventilation systems.
  • We transplant the design rules: Who says you can’t have a cinema, a pool or even a wine cellar integrated into the structure of your property? Certainly not us. These are just a few of the innovative features we’ve introduced to our clients’ builds.
  • We use a combination of architectural styles: We find that using a fusion of styles is an interesting and aesthetically pleasing technique for creating innovative, yet practical properties.

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