Play Your Part And Put The Earth First

The recent 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference has catapulted the environment into the public conscience, and it’s got us thinking about how architecture and the building industry can help shape the future of our planet.

The Paris talks produced an agreement hailed as “historic, durable and ambitious”, which is just the mantra we hope would apply to our ever-more innovative eco-inspired builds. With existing infrastructure taking a large part of the blame in regards to our carbon emissions, we here at Arc Design Services have put together a quick guide on homes fit for the future.

Heat Retention Home

Whether starting from scratch or modifying an existing property, insulation is simplest way you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint. The more insulation that you can implement into the structural elements of your home, the more heat it will retain and the more energy efficient it will be. There is also fantastic range of sustainable and renewable insulation solutions available on the market today, with materials such as hemp, sheep’s wool, cellulose, expanding clay and wood fibre readily available for a good price.

ICF Home

Arc Design Services have constructed multiple ICF homes, and it is an architectural technique that we’re using more and more. A relatively modern eco-construction method, polystyrene formwork is used as a mould into which concrete is poured, leaving the polystyrene in place to provide insulation. In addition to creating better energy efficiency and significantly reducing waste, ICF homes also offer fast construction times and exceptional air tightness.

Timber Frame Home

Traditionally, timber frame homes have often been considered as a second choice behind masonry homes here in the UK. However, recent years have seen significant developments in timber frame technology and the possibilities have dramatically increased. As well as being energy efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly, a timber frame home reduces construction time on site and may also save you money.

Passive Solar Home

A more radical option, which can be modified to suit both new and existing builds, is the passive solar home. A real eco-innovation, a passive solar home works on the principle of building an exceptionally well-insulated building that uses the sun and the appliances within your home to generate heat, and then works to retain it for as long as possible. If this seems a bit complicated to implement, why not think about installing solar panels to get you started?

There's so many different ways you can customise your home. For more information on home improvements, contact us today!

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