To Live, Work and Play: Make Your Home Fun and Functional

With our lives becoming increasingly busy, the need for an enduring, essential house is greater than ever.

The varying aspects of our week are not as distinct as they once were - what with greater connectivity, wider working hours and our penchant for showcasing properties. Whether you have space to work with, or want to optimise the assets of a smaller plot, it’s entirely possible to make a home to measure for every function. Read on for Arc Design Service’s expert advice for achieving the perfect modern and multifunctional property.

Be connected, but clearly define your spaces

This means that you can bring order to your home without being clinical. To achieve a multifunctional feel, aim to pair distinct spaces with a semi-open connection, retaining the visual space from open areas whilst simultaneously integrating your varying rooms. For example, connect a stylised dining room and kitchen using a long corridor or incorporate open areas between adjoining rooms. Not only does this imply logical consequence but also taps into the modern preference of an open-floor plan perfect for a social home.

Balance the rational with romantic ideals

Whether it’s colours, materials or geometrics, coherence is key. See art and architecture as a partnership which must work in harmony in order for a home to be perfectly multifunctional, and be sure to import the element of humanism into all your design decisions. This way, a kitchen isn’t just for cooking but a seamless entertainment space, whilst a conservatory doesn’t have to be your coffee morning go-to, but can equally service as the perfect home office space.

Bring the outside in using clever design

And we aren’t talking about houseplants here. Through the use of strategically placed windows, transparent connections and open floor plans you can utilise natural light in order to create a sense of fluidity and subtle familiarity, which avoids throwing inhabitants or guests into a drastically difference space. This all comes to contribute toward the formation of an organic space without inciting a sense of the artificial, and thus encourages the feel of natural functionality within home.

Contrast polarities for the perfect property

Subtle dualism can take your home to new heights, creating a multifunctional feel which is fun and modern. Contrasting distinct styles breaks down traditional room boundaries, so simultaneously widens the field of functional possibility in your home. We here at Arc Design Services have completed many fusion-inspired designs and are experts in delivering this mix-and-match style. Check out our portfolio to view the many ways in which we’ve widened the functionality of our clients’ properties.

There's so many different ways you can customise your home. For more information on home improvements, contact us today!

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