Learn To Love An Older Home

Your home may feel old and worn, and show signs of its years. But for many, this doesn’t automatically mean upgrading to a newer model, and there are countless reasons to invest in your older property instead of relocating.

Your home may have stunning period features but is in desperate need of modernisation. You may love its location, or be simply unable to leave behind a lifetime of memories. Fortunately, home remodelling can work wonders for your property - just remember these top tips and you’ll be sure to fall in love with your home all over again.

One size does not fit all:

Not all houses are made equal, so thoroughly research your home so as to best understand any challenges or restrictions associated with its architectural period. For example, a house from 1910 may present hidden plumbing issues, so make sure you’re working with a design expert to make the most of your older home. Of course, your architect can help with your remodel, and will advise customised solutions.

Think remodel, not redo:

The best older-property remodels centre on preserving some original elements whilst augmenting the old with the new. You don’t want to risk losing the character that you love about your home, so think carefully about entirely removing any period features and speak with your architect about how to incorporate them into your remodel. Mixing contemporary and period features is also a popular current trend, so there’s no need to sacrifice style.

Use your modern credentials:

As beautiful as your older property may be, it won’t have the eco credentials of a new build. Bring your home into the 21st century without having to forgo period appeal by remodelling in the original style but instead use innovative modern materials and current building techniques. You could also consider eco additions such as underfloor heating or subtle solar panels. Take advantage of material developments to transform your older home into a fusion property you’ll love like new.

Mirror your community:

We don’t mean that you commission an imitation property - far from it. However, when remodelling an older property it’s likely that you’ll need to consider how your home will integrate with its surroundings. You may want to remodel your home so that it works in harmony with the environment, or the location of your home may pose design restrictions. Here at Arc Design Services we have worked on many older properties and in strict conservation areas, so are skilled in the techniques required to achieve the best aesthetic results whilst under restriction.

There’s so many different ways you can customise your home.For more information on home improvements contact us today!

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