Keep Up With The Trends In Home Remodelling

If your home needs a completely new feel, or is no longer meeting your needs, remodelling can be the solution to your property problems.

With clever creative design and expert planning know-how, remodelling can deliver spectacular results that will truly transform your property into the home of your dreams. Get inspired by checking out the latest trends in home remodelling, and envision how these great ideas can work for you.

Style Fusion

A current remodelling trend is to mix and match styles in an unexpected fashion, resulting in a personalised living space unique to the homeowner. A popular direction being taken is to incorporate opposing decades into a design or build, such as adding a contemporary twist to period architecture. Here at Arc Design Services, we’ve won awards for our innovative take on fusion design, and in the past have worked on properties featuring glass panelling, metalwork and timber decking alongside traditional Victorian brickwork, for example.

Eco Friendly Materials

Green living is becoming increasingly popular, with homeowners now not simply aspiring toward an energy efficient lifestyle, but expecting eco-friendly materials to be used in the construction of their properties too. In the past, environmentally-conscious design often meant comprising on aesthetics, and accommodating your design dreams would have left you with limited product choice. However, architecture has embraced green technologies, and you can now remodel your home without having to sacrifice visual appeal. Arc Design Services have completed many properties which incorporate eco-friendly materials with quality design - check out our portfolio to view a selection.

Creative Customisation

Today, homeowners are seeking to customise their properties by defying the design rulebook, so as to create truly tailor-made residences. You may be thinking about a simple design tweak in your bathroom, or considering a unexpected showstopper, such as a stunning staircase, but either way, taking a personalised approach to standard design can really transform your property. Whatever you’re envisioning for your home, our designers will happily tailor our work to meet your requirements, so don’t be afraid to add a creative spin to your ideas.

Basement Escapes

Basements are one of the top present trends in home remodelling, and can be a really effective way of adding leisure space to your home without having to build outwards. Many of the larger projects we’ve completed here at Arc Design Services have included basements as part of the design, and they can be surprisingly versatile. Basement spaces can be used as offices, entertainment rooms, guest accommodation and much more, and don't forget, our interior services can help bring your underground space to life.

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