Encouraging Support For Self and Custom Build-Projects

The Challenge

Despite a recent blow to those hoping to deliver self and custom-build projects, the design and architecture industry is seeing encouraging levels of support from local authorities, resulting in the potential to boost future build prospects.

The challenge has come from a 2015 court ruling which could block the Government’s use of Section 106, legalisation which can slash thousands of pounds from the costs of delivering self and custom-build projects. Limiting the use of Section 106 will have a disproportionate impact on small builders and companies who are important assets to homebuilding in local communities.

However, regardless of this setback, we have seen many councils supporting the industry by taking strategic action to boost private homebuilding. So far, more than 130 local councils have demonstrated a commitment to those who want to build their own homes by providing varied and effective opportunities which can make the process easier, more personalised and in many cases, much cheaper.

What Action Is Being Taken?

These opportunities have come in the form of local plans and programmes which have been designed with industry and local communities at the heart of incentive. One in five councils have already set up a self build “Register” or carried out assessments to measure local demand for those wanting to build their own homes, whilst others are actively seeking suitable locations where private homebuilding is encouraged.

Further initiatives range from policies asking for a mix of homes on sites and promoting private homebuilding as part of an affordable housing strategy, to requiring building plots on large housing sites and in some cases, providing financial support. A number of councils are identifying more significant prospects, including the re-use of former public sector sites and proposals to include private homebuilding opportunities as part of future village and urban extensions.

Promise For The Future

The commitment and proactive approach exhibited by many local councils has the potential to boost the homebuilding industry, generate local jobs and support smaller builders or those with more bespoke, personalised visions of what homebuilding can encapsulate. The range of initiatives in either planning or action recognise the diversity of private homebuilding and the vast array of opportunities available in the sector, offering encouragement to those who wish to commission or build their own properties.

There’s so many different ways and ideas you can use to customise your home. For more information on home improvements contact us today!

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