Changes to Trafford Conservation Areas

As an Accredited Planning Agent by the Trafford Council, Arc Design Services is kept informed of current changes to laws pertaining to construction and architecture.

At present there are 21 designated conservation areas throughout Trafford. However, a new appraisal in place could potentially redefine some areas. Of course, these are being conducted in accordance with the methodology recommended by English Heritage to define and record the special architectural and historic interest of the conservation areas.

So what impact does this have on the residents?

Recent changes to legislation in the Borough of Trafford, means that many residences located in Hale’s conservation area may soon find themselves in the fortunate position of having restrictions lifted, enabling them to consider housing extensions they've to been unable to think of before.

On the flip side, this also means that some home owners may have the surprise of not being able to extend their living space they had been planning to do due to the strict criteria now imposed on them.

Jonathan states, “Potentially this could effect all forms of domestic build from orangeries, domestic extensions, loft conversions, remodelled houses, alterations and refurbishments. Even through to one off bespoke designed new build houses could be affected by the new legislation".

With over 10 years of experience in applying for householder applications, Arc Design Services always works closely with Trafford Council. and has proven they fully understand the procedures in place to successfully submit a prepared householder application.

Jonathan continues, “As an Accredited Planning Agent, we are very proud of is our 100% approval rating for applications due to our in depth knowledge of the planning application process and the South Manchester and Cheshire area. We would urge anyone who is unsure of their status or the new boundaries to contact us for a consultation.”

The conservation areas which are currently under consultation are Ashley Heath, Barton upon Irwell, Bowdon, Hale Station, Linotype, Sandiway, South Hale and The Devisdale. It is anticipated that these will be finished by 10th August 2015 and be in effect within six to twelve months.

Good news for homeowners if you need more living space or looking to add value to your home!

If you’d like help extending your home, Arc Design Services can help! For more information on home improvements contact Jonathan on 0161 928 4433.

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