To Move Or Improve?

For many families and couples there comes a time when their home starts to feel fairly small.

Whether the reason is because they require more bedrooms or extra space downstairs, considering whether to move or extend can be a tricky decision to make. At Arc Design Services, we’ve put together a few factors to consider when deciding which choice is the right one for you!

Location - Deciding whether to move or extend will depend on whether or not you're happy with your home’s current location. For example, if you have children who are settled at local schools and your home is in a good location for your work, then extending may be the answer for you. Extending will give you the extra room you need without having to move house!

Flexibility - Moving house can give you the flexibility to choose the ideal home for you, and better still, you are not constricted by the space you have available in your current home, and potential other issues that may arise such as Planning Permission. However, improving your home could turn out a lot cheaper whilst also adding value to your property!

Costs - When you’ve outgrown your living space, moving home can seem like the best option, but you may find that extending your home is generally cheaper than moving and better still, can add value to your home. Although it’s not an easy task, comparing the costs of moving and extending is an important first step to take. To get an idea, ask for estimates on the building work and see what properties you could by for a similar total amount.

Remember that the factors to considering when deciding to move or extend are location, flexibility and costs, and don't forget to weigh up both the pros and cons of the two options before making your decision!

Arc Design Services Ltd are a fully Accredited Planning Agent in the Trafford Council area, and work on all types of residential architectural design projects within the South Manchester and Cheshire area, catering for all client aspirations.

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