ICF Home Plans

Are you looking for a home that can save you money on energy costs, block outside sounds, resist fires, and add to the structural integrity of your building?

How about one that’s great at keeping the cold air outside during the winter, whilst keeping your home comfortable during the summer? An ICF home may be the answer.

Almost any home can be converted to an ICF home. ICF stands for Insulating Concrete Forms, cast-in-forms concrete walls that are sandwiched between two layers of insulation material.

They can be designed in any style and exterior finish, including vinyl or wood siding, stucco and brick. Better still, they can even accommodate any of today’s most popular design features including tall walls, large openings, and cathedral ceilings. ICF homes are brilliant for building any size and style of home you desire!

Insulating Concrete Form homeowners almost always remark on how quiet their new home is. The piece and quiet that homeowners receive from an ICF home never fails to surprise their owners. So, if you live in a noisy neighbourhood or even near a noisy main road, why not consider an ICF home too?

If you're looking for ways to become more ‘green’, building an Insulated Concrete Form home is definitely the way forward. ICF homes require less energy compared to wood-frame homes, leading to huge energy savings, so there’s less concern about energy bills during the cold winters.

At Arc Design Services, we’re delighted to have completed the construction of our first ICF house in less than 12 months, and are thrilled to have started on site on another new Insulated Concrete Form build.

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