What You Need To Know Before Renovating

Renovating a house is full of surprises, and some more welcome than others.

At Arc Design Services, we’ve put together a ‘to do list’ that you should consider before going ahead with your renovation.

Get a building report - You should always commission a building report from a chartered building surveyor before buying. One thing to bear in mind, is that a surveyor will not be able to uncover hidden problems and will not usually give an idea of the costs, so always allow a contingency. budget in case.

Put together a schedule - Without a schedule, the whole process can become chaotic and costs can run out of control. A schedule lists what work needs to be done to the house, and in what order. It may be worth breaking down the projects into phases, such as ‘kitchen extension’, ‘bathroom extension’, ‘loft conversion’ and so on to ensure the smooth running of the renovation.

Put together a budget for new electrics - Electrics in old buildings will often require updating , so it may be worth keeping your eyes peeled for old-fashioned fuse boxes, light switches and round pin plugs. You’ll need to consider the costs including the cost of removing the older wiring, installing a new customer unit, and lifting and replacing floorboards, as well as potential redecorating.

Beware of damp and rot - Damp is often obvious, with some of the cases more costly than others. Make sure you are on the look out for damp and rot. Rot appears in badly ventilated conditions, and is often found in the roof space or under floorboards in old houses. It’s a good idea to identify these issues before, so that you can get a rough idea on how much it will cost to repair. Look out for peeling wallpaper or mould, which can often signify a damp issue.

Get insured - Once you exchange contracts you become responsible for the site, and you must therefore have adequate insurance. Renovation insurance should include public and employers’ liability, cover for building materials and works, the exiting structure, accident cover, and legal expenses.

Consider a warranty - Although warranties aren't always required, they are a good idea to have. They will cover your house against flaws in the design, materials or build quality, along with any problems that occur as a result. Warranties usually run for 10 years, and if you plan on arranging one, it’s a good idea to do it early on as the can premiums escalate the further you get through the project.

If you’d like any help renovating your home, get in touch with Arc Design Services today, who are a fully Accredited Planning Agent in the Trafford Council area, catering for all client aspirations.

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