Arc Design Services: National Custom and Self Build Week 2014

This year’s National Custom and Self Build Week will take place from 3rd-10th May and will include a wide range of events to help millions of self builders turn their self build dreams into a reality!

The National Custom and Self Build Week is organised by the National Self Build Association (NASBA) and Grand Designs Live and is supported by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). The event gives support to individuals who have a keen interest in self build.

Did you know that a IPSO MORI poll commissioned by the National Custom and Awareness Association found that almost 7 million people are planning or researching how to build a home for themselves and plan to turn their dream into a reality in the next year or so? The survey also found that one million people have already moved from the “researching” to the “action” stage of the self build process and are now in the process of either acquiring a building plot, gaining planning permission or expect to begin construction in the next 12 months.

The event is a fantastic opportunity to help more self builders understand the different ways that are now available to build a luxurious and tailor-made home, giving self builders the inspiration they need to build their own home from scratch!

Having the vision and determination to build a home from scratch is a truly rewarding achievement because it gives self builders the opportunity to use their imagination and be creative in building a home that is unique to them! They have the opportunity to design something truly bespoke, plan a layout that suits their lifestyle and even use innovative materials and methods, as well as the chance to incorporate design features that “off the peg” houses don’t have.

If you’d like help in designing your new home then feel free to contact Arc Design Services for some advice.

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