The Self Build Myth Buster

Over 10,000 homes were completed by self builders last year and through government incentives they are hoping this number will rise in 2014.

There are many benefits involved with building your own home. However, there are many myths that put people off the idea of self building and means they easily dismiss the idea. At Arc Design Services, we would like to dispel these myths. So here are the top three misconceptions about building your dream home!

“Self building is more expensive than buying a new home”

Not necessarily, thanks to the government incentives and the community infrastructure relief for self builders (you can read about this in previous blog posts). Building your own home can work out the same or even cheaper than buying a similar house, of course with the added benefit of your new home being exactly tailored to your needs.

There is also no VAT to pay on self build homes and the house could be worth more once built than it cost to build. A further service at Arc Design Services is the use of Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) which is energy efficient, providing great insulation, which in turn means cheaper energy bills on an ongoing basis.

“Self building takes too long”

If you’re worried about timely projects, why not renovate your existing home? This can be a quicker option, but still allows you to create your dream home. Dependent upon the renovation, you may still be able to occupy the property, which will also save on your budget. Also, using the Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) can cut project time dramatically meaning your dream home might not take as long as you think.

“Isn’t planning permission hard to get?”

Without planning permission, your self build home can’t legally proceed, and the concept can seem scary and complicated. But it can be easier than you think, as the government is freeing up land and simplifying the process, so it is becoming easier to access land. Arc Design Services also offer a planning service and can support you through your application- we are proud to have a 100% approval rate with planning applications!

If you require assistance with any part of your self build home, get in touch with Arc Design Services and make 2014 the year you build your dream home.

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