Technology in Architectural Design

Technology affects all aspects of our lives, and is ever present in architectural design.

At Arc Design Services, we like to keep an eye on new developments and technologies that we can incorporate into our designs. For example you may have seen we have designed numerous ‘polystyrene’ houses using an increasingly popular ICF technique (Insulated Concrete Framework).

When considering innovation in architectural design, we take our inspiration from all over the world, including Dubai - which boasts numerous world records, including the worlds tallest building!

So it is no surprise that the world’s first rotating building will be built there. Each floor will rotate individually; 360 degrees every 90 minutes. Technological advancements mean that this build has been possible for a number of years now, but a lack of funding during the financial crisis for the $541 million building, meant the plans were on hold until recently. The spinning building will be home to a 6 star hotel and retail space, but will also be available for residential living.

The building will use wind turbines to collect energy as the building moves. This idea shows how technology is advancing in architectural design, meaning that the design possibilities are becoming endless. Things we never thought possible are becoming the status quo.

Whilst building mechanics into architectural design can be difficult, at Arc Design Services we have an innovation of our own, building our first car lift inside a new build home.

When building your dream home adding a car lift into the design can have a lot of benefits. Firstly, and most importantly, there is the James Bond feel of driving your car from an underground lift! Secondly, if there is limited parking space, a car lift could increase the available capacity. Thirdly, if you require disabled access in your home, a car lift can provide a convenient option for both residents or visitors.

If you would like more information on Arc Design Services or just to find out how you could fit a car lift into your new or existing home, get in touch and we will help you achieve your dream home!

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