Super-Power Your BNI Membership

Are you working with your Power Team? No?

Then you're not making the best use of your BNI membership. Over the last two years the awareness of Power Team pot ential has grown significantly. More and more members are understanding that small businesses are far stronger together than alone.

Power Team members are not only perfectly placed to generate more quality referrals for each other, they can also work together to fulfil major contracts that would otherwise be beyond their grasp.

In Altrincham, Bowdon Falcons Chapter has an excellent example of a successful Power Team. Jonathan Riddle of ARC Design Services Ltd is the chapter's architectural designer. He says,

"The 10 members of our Building Services Power Team find it easy to give each other referrals because we share similar clients. Many of the Power Team members have worked very successfully with a number of my own company's clients to create great homes and extensions. It works well for everybody because I can depend on my team colleagues to give excellent service and quality every time. "

In fact, one of ARC's projects which also involved the team's landscape architect, Rory McVean, and AV and lighting specialist, Chris Brooks, recently received a Daily Telegraph award for the Best Traditional Style Home of 2010.

"Strong Power Teams can be incredibly productive; says Jonathan. "The secret is to communicate really well together. For example, frequent 1-1s help you to know each other and each other's businesses- in depth, giving you confidence and trust in your fellow Power Team members.

If you’re thinking of building your own home, don’t forget that Arc Design Services can help with every step of the process. Contact us to discuss your self-build plans.

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