What could a porch bring to your home? 

Many people often consider adding a porch to their home is an added expense that can be avoided and will not reap enough benefits vs cost of building one. However, there are lots of potential benefits of adding a porch to your home including creating extra living space, increased energy efficiency, and an increase in property value. In this blog, we discuss everything you need to know about adding a porch to your home and what benefits it could bring. 

What is a porch and do I need planning permission 

A porch is a structure that is attached to the front of your home, which can be either open or enclosed and is either a standalone structure or an extension of your existing home’s entrance. Porches are typically single story and can be anything from an open-air space with a roof or a fully enclosed structure perfect for storing your coats and shoes. 

The first question most people ask when thinking about adding a porch to their home is do I require planning permission? Typically planning permission is not required, but this depends on factors such as the area, such as a if you are in a conservation area. In most areas, planning permission is not required as long as your situation meets the following criteria:

  • The floor area does not exceed 3 square metres. 
  • The porch is no taller than 3 metres above ground level 
  • The porch is not within two metres of any boundary of the home or road. 

Whilst these factors may be the case for many homes across the UK, it is always worth checking with your local council before building your porch. 

Benefits, benefits, and more benefits 

Whilst we have previously mentioned that many people do not consider the benefits to be worth the costs of building a porch – they often do not think of all the possible benefits they can bring to your home. Below we discuss a few of the main benefits, and hope to change your mind about the cost vs reward! 

  • Porches are a perfect way of adding additional space to your home – somewhere to store all your shoes, coats, umbrellas, etc which regularly clog up your hallway or fall off your banister! This is especially the case if your cuurent front door opens directly on to your living space.
  • It’s no secret that the cost of living and specifically energy bills are affecting every home - a porch acts as an extra layer of protection from the cold outdoors and helps to keep all the heat in your home. 
  • Who doesn’t want to see a return on their investment? Adding a porch to your home can increase the value of your property and be more appealing to potential buyers. They increase your living space, make it more secure, and more energy efficient, what is not to love? 

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