2022 architectural trends: focus on sustainability 

Sustainability and eco-friendly living were on the agenda for most of 2021 and show no sign of slowing down in 2022.

Homeowners want to reduce as much expenditure as possible on utility bills for environmental benefit but also as a result of the increasing cost of energy. With the average household energy bill due to increase by 50% from April, if the Government does not intervene, it is no surprise that people are looking for sustainable and energy-efficient alternatives in their homes. In this blog, we focus on a few ways that you can realign your home focus to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Increase natural light 

In 2021 we acknowledged that more homeowners were realigning their home design focus to concentrate on bringing the outdoors in – similarly, in 2022 this trend will continue but focusing on the financial and sustainable benefits rather than the aesthetic benefits. Bifold doors, larger windows, and skylights allow more natural light to enter your home meaning that you will use less energy in artificial light helping you to keep your bills down and do your bit for the planet. Additionally, increasing your exposure to natural light has been proven to have physical and mental health benefits, as well as increasing property value and attractiveness to a potential buyer – it creates a win-win all around! 

Solar panels/environmentally friendly energy production 

In 2021 we saw the Government shift its focus to meeting the goals of the UN framework convention on Climate Change at COP26 in Glasgow – they introduced several initiatives including funding towards energy efficient boilers in the Government's budget. As UK energy bills continue to rise in 2022, the price deterrent to installing environmentally friendly energy production such as solar panels is becoming less and less. Consequently, we believe homeowners will start to make these investments in a drastic attempt to reduce soaring energy bills. Similarly, the media's attention on issues such as those raised in COP26 has helped to realign what people think are important issues. People are now starting to make a considerable effort to focus on sustainability for the benefit of future generations.

Energy-efficient appliances and finishing touches 

Replacing old appliances with energy-efficient alternatives and ensuring your home is well insulated and draft-free is a perfect place to start if you are new to the sustainability trend! Whilst, these are often small changes to your home, they can make a huge dent in your energy usage, bills, and carbon footprint! As people start to be hit with crippling energy bills this is a trend that will continue in 2022 as people desperately try to make any changes they can in a bid to bring energy costs down.

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