3D Concrete Printing - The Future of Construction 

Here at ARC Design Services we are always on the lookout for fascinating innovations in the construction sector. 3D printing became a wow-factor a couple of years back, triggering most industries to start experimenting and seek ways in which they could use 3D printing to benefit their processes. 

Even the medical sector got to a stage where they are now able to print artificial organs with specialised 3D printers. We as architecture specialists, are fascinated by the way the construction sector was able to utilise 3D concrete printing to build houses.

So what is 3D concrete printing? Ultimately it is a computer-operated robot, working from a computer aided design programme, that lays sequential layers of concrete according to the design. 

With a growing demand in modern architecture and design, pushing for smaller time frames, flexibility and creativity, 3D concrete printing is becoming the ideal cost-effective solution. So can 3D concrete printing revolutionise construction and architecture sector? We think the answer is YES! 

3D concrete printing allows endless flexibility at the design stage, and does not limit the construction process, as it can build pretty much any complex geometrical shape. 

Other vital benefits to the construction and architecture sector are: 

  • Flexibility. The contemporary trend within the architecture sector, has seen a booming popularity in curves and quirky shapes. 3D concrete printing actually excludes design limitations, and promotes the opportunity to move away from the traditional rectangular shapes. So your new home can reflect your personality and really stand out from the crowd.
  • Precise building. The 3D concrete printer eliminates the chance of human error. So you can be sure even most sophisticated designs, will be created with exact precision. 
  • Lower costs. It reduces the costs associated to material waste, as there is simply no waste produced. With regards to the physical labour costs, there are non, as the machine does all the work. 
  • 3D concrete building process can be undertaken in limited, dangerous and restricted environments, which may not suitable for a human. 

Ultimately you could get a better home built for less. 

Implementation of 3D printing, is heavily reliant on precise and highly detailed design. You can trust ARC Design Services award winning team to provide you with the most favourable and contemporary solution. For more advice ring us on 0161 928 4433. 

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