Getting Your Dream Home Off The Ground 

If you've been thinking about a custom-build home, but are without the resources or expertise to go it alone, why not consider getting some industry professionals on-board with your project?

Providing that planners are happy to approve your ideas, you'll get exactly what you want from your home whilst enjoying a quick, simple and easy process - your appointed team do everything you need for you! See our tips below to find out how to make your custom-build dream a reality.


Find a suitable plot of land:

You may be fortunate enough to already have a site to build on, but if not, your first step will usually be to find a suitable plot of land. Hunting out a great plot takes time, and it's important that you keep your perfect-property vision in mind. Be sure to check out as many other custom or self-builds that you can for inspiration and don't be afraid to enquire about that untended green space or neglected building that you've noticed. There are lots of online resources available to potential custom-build homeowners in helping with finding a plot, or alternatively you could attend an auction to scope the market.

Appoint a professional team:

To help you realise your custom-build dream and make the most of your resources, you should appoint a team of industry experts. You'll need to consult with professionals from different areas of the architecture and design sector depending on the dynamics of your project and your personal requirements, although many custom-build homeowners choose to employ a team that can cover all aspects of a project.

You'll certainly need an architect or designer, and potentially a surveyor or planning professional before any construction work is undertaken to help you conclude what is suitable and right for you. Your professional team can see you from concept to completion, or you can appoint a project manager for specific elements of your project. Either way, the industry know-how and creative talent offered by a professional team will take your custom-build project to a whole new level.

Apply for planning permission:

Once you're happy with your design, considered all costs and logistics and confident that your design is the best option for you, your plans can be submitted to your local planning department. On average, there is an eight to twelve week timescale to get planning approval, so don't worry if the process seems to be taking some time. You can find advice online on how to help make the planning process as straightforward as possible, and if you have a project manager, utilise their valuable experience and knowledge.

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