Bungalow to a two-storey house conversion – what are the benefits?

Bungalows have long been cherished for their charm, cosy appeal, and practicality, especially for those later on in life. However, as families grow and lifestyles continue to evolve, the need for additional space becomes more apparent than ever. Since 2020, converting bungalows into two-storey homes has been on the rise as many homeowners have taken advantage of relaxed planning laws. In this blog, we discuss some of the benefits of converting your bungalow into a two-storey home.

Maximising Living Space

One of the most obvious benefits of converting a bungalow into a two-storey home is the significant increase in living space. As bungalows are all on one level, simply adding another level can significantly increase your home's square footage and space. Homeowners can gain additional bedrooms, bathrooms, and recreational areas, allowing for greater flexibility and comfort to accommodate growing families or evolving needs.

Preserving Outdoor Space

Another significant benefit of converting to a two-storey house, compared to an extension on a standard home, is that it allows homeowners to preserve valuable outdoor space, arguably having the best of both worlds. With a typical home extension, there is often a debate over how much outdoor space to sacrifice. As more homeowners blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living, they are less likely to want to sacrifice their garden space.

Increasing Property Value

Investing in a bungalow to two-storey conversion is both a practical decision and also a smart financial move. Two-storey homes typically command higher market value than single-storey counterparts due to their increased square footage and functionality. Similarly, bungalows are often on larger plots of land compared to standard houses because they require more space to offer 2/3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living area on one floor. Therefore, there is an argument that converting a bungalow can bring even larger increases in property value.

Preserving Architectural Character

While the main benefit of converting a bungalow may be for the additional space, it is also a perfect way to ensure we preserve the architectural character and heritage of bungalows, rather than knocking them down and starting again. Here at ARC Design Services, we can ensure that the conversion process pays homage to the original structure and seamlessly blends that historic charm with modern functionality.

At ARC Design Services, we specialise in architectural design, dedicated to offering a fresh and exciting approach to every project. With this in mind, ARC Design could help you with your bungalow conversion, whether this is part of your renovation or home extension plans. Contact our experts today at ARC Design Services at www.arcdesignservices.net or 0162 928 4433.

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