Our top tips to elevate your kitchen space and ensure it’s the heart of your home

Kitchens are widely renowned for being the heart of the home and are the go-to space for allowing everyone in your home to come together, socialise, make memories, and enjoy delicious food and drink. In this blog, we discuss our top tips for elevating your kitchen and ensuring it remains the space to be in. 

Kitchen Layout 

Is your kitchen layout as practical and efficient as it should be? Over the course of a year, your kitchen will be exposed to lots of people for a range of occasions, so ensuring that there is plenty of space and seating is crucial. In many cases, kitchen islands are the gift that keeps on giving and are often a prominent feature in modern kitchen design. From providing extra workspace for preparing family meals to socialising with friends, kitchen islands can help your kitchen form the social hub of the home, as well as provide extra seating for guests. Similarly, kitchen islands can work as an excellent way to break up/divide a room whilst keeping that open-plan design. 

Display and décor

Whilst most people think that their homes should be clean lines and home items should be out of sight, with a kitchen design it is a great idea to save your best pieces and display them on a simple shelving unit – from your favourite ceramics, objects, book and a plant or two, this adds further dimension and personality to your kitchen space. However, if you're minimalist at heart, you could include a utility cupboard for your kettle, coffee machine, toaster and even your microwave to keep them out of sight.


Perhaps the second most important part of your kitchen design, after kitchen layout and design, is furniture. The most important item to get right is your dining table, ensuring the material you choose complements the design of your kitchen and the flow of your space. Similarly, thinking past what the day-to-day tasks of this furniture will be and ensuring that it is fit for purpose for all activities and occasions that your kitchen is utilised for. For example, buying a table that seats four people may be practical Monday-Friday for most of the year, however, how many people are in your family that visit at weekends and will need a space at the table? The art of getting your furniture right is thinking outside the box, ensuring it caters to all needs as well as giving a visual strength and presence in your kitchen space.

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