Remodelling? Here’s Some of 2019’s Trendiest Floor Plans!

Looking to remodel your home? It’s time to stray away from the traditional and spice up your renovation with these modern floor plan ideas!


Don’t worry ladies, men may have their ‘Man Caves’, but we introduce the ‘She-Shed’! When you need some extra space without tearing down walls why not build or convert your outdoor shed into a space all of your own. Whether you have a hobby like painting or sewing that needs a little more space or just want a cosy get-away to sip your morning tea and read a book, the 'She-Shed' is the perfect place for you to focus on yourself.


Yes, there's a bedroom, a living room and plenty of other rooms where you can read or chill but there always seems to be distractions. So why not dedicate a space for everyone specifically for a ‘Zen-Den’. No technology, just a simple room to escape the outside world and find your inner Zen!

‘His’ and ‘Her’ Bathrooms

Make the morning mayhem just a bit easier by remodelling your master bathroom into ‘His’ and ‘Her’ bathrooms in your new floor plan. Make the bathroom into a tranquil haven for both, either by splitting the space or having two bathrooms completely separate from each other. Allowing either individual to design their own bathroom space as desired can make your bathroom time something to look forward to rather than an awkward dance around each other.

Dual Owner Suites

Do you have multiple generations under the same roof? How about incorporating two master bathrooms in your floor plan rather than just one? This trend is perfect for today's growing and blended families, especially when the plan allows for the bedrooms to be on separate floors or different ends of the house. Give everyone their own privacy in a space that accommodates everyone’s needs.

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