Why Outdoor/Indoor rooms might be one of 2019’s biggest trends?

Outdoor/Indoor rooms are not a new idea in architecture, but their growing popularity makes us believe they will continue to be one of the biggest trends of 2019. This trend involves turning outdoor spaces into indoor extensions, having more space for entertaining, or just having an outdoor vibe in an indoor room. These spaces may not sound all that appealing with the cold weather we experience in the UK, but we have some tips on how to incorporate that outdoors feeling without all the cold air.

Opening Up Indoor Spaces

There are many ways to make an indoor space feel open or even connect to outdoor areas. Glass is key to achieving this transformation. Renovations such as glass doors, large windows, and fully glazed roofs open up spaces by letting in as much light as possible. Another idea is to frame an outdoor view with window designs as a focal point for a room. Not a fan of glass? Sliding walls will literally open your indoor space to the outdoors giving you the comfort of an indoor with the fresh air of the outside.

Enclosing an Outdoor Space

It’s just as simple to enclose an outdoor space such as a courtyard to create an indoor extension. This gives you more indoor space to entertain by extending rooms that already exist, or create a new room altogether. When enclosing these spaces, keep the exposed floorboards and incorporate large plant pots to create that garden emporium feeling without actually being outdoors. You could even throw in a fireplace or fire pit to make this room a little cosier.

Blurring the Boundaries

This brings us to our last tip. Blurring the lines between the outdoors and indoors by using outdoor-themed décor to give your indoor room that outdoor vibe. Incorporating plants is one of the best ways to achieve this. By not just placing plants around the room, but by creating a living or artificial plant wall or having plant themed furniture and decoration you can literally bring the outdoors inside. Having living plants inside can also prove to be beneficial to your health by cleansing the air, reducing stress and removing toxins in the environment, and of course, being more sustainable.

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