Why there’s no better time to extend your home

With the changes to the planning system and permitted development over recent years there’s no better time to extend your home to create the home and space you need

. In a recent article by the Nationwide the Nationwide House Price Index Special Report 6th Sept 2012 looked at the value of improvements made to an average 3 bedroom house and adding an extension or converting your loft on your home could increase its value by almost a quarter.

In the report they stated that adding an extra 10% floor space to your home can add 5% to the value, and adding an extension/ loft conversion with en-suite and double bedroom can add 23% to its value. With homeowners finding it increasing difficult to move they are now looking inwardly at their own homes to improve them to create the space they need as an alternative to moving. The report by the Nationwide shows how this is becoming more of a viable option for homeowners wanting more space with larger families. If funding these home improvements becomes easier for homeowners then we should see more people wanting to build.

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