Discover How You Can ‘Step Up’ The Look And Feel Of Your Home.

In a home that has more than one level, the staircase instantly becomes an important part of your decor.

It’s an element that connects all the levels of your home together, which is why they have the power to complete, improve or worsen the look of your home.

There’s lots of shapes and designs that can be used for the staircase, and the design is just as important as the material. There are so many staircase designs to choose from, so to get you started, we’ve put together a few ideas that can ‘step up’ the look and feel of your home.

Floating Staircase - Have you ever considered a floating staircase? They break that continuity that traditional staircases have, simply because the stairs are no longer interconnected; instead, they are perceived as individual pieces. They can be made from a variety of materials, the most common being wood, but you could consider steel or even glass for a more contemporary look. Their transparency makes them almost invisible, growing your house a magical feel!

Backlit staircase - This type of staircase will give your home the star treatment! Imagine how stunning your stairs will look at night time - theres’ no denying how impressive your stairs will look. Backlit staircases can also help bring light into areas, such as halls, that can often be lacking in natural light.

Glass staircase - A glass staircase is definitely a great choice if you’re looking for a contemporary and classy look. It can make a small space feel larger and allow natural light flow through especially if your stairs divide two areas.

Concrete staircases - If you’re looking for something modern but are unsure as to what style staircase to go for, then the concrete staircase could be the choice for you. They’re contemporary and fit into any style home! If you don't have much space but are looking for a staircase which adds elegance and sophistication to your home, why not go for a stone marble staircase with white barristers and black railings?

If you don't want the hassle of replacing your stairs, why not give the stairs you’ve got a splash of colour? Adding colour is an easy way to create a modern look without incurring a huge bill. Better still, your stairs will look as new as gold once you’ve given them a lick of paint or a new carpet!

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