£500,000 dream home demolished!

The demolition of a family’s ‘dream’ home has started after bungling builders built the property 6ft higher, 9ft longer and 4ft wider than the original plans stated, therefore breaching planning regulations.

The new half- million - pound dream house had been built with too many windows, an unapproved 13ft balcony and an unapproved third floor. The property also lacked an electrical supply, plumbing and water system, and was also built without a permit or approved planning permission. The construction itself, was also not in line with the local planning policy and guidance.

The family are now forced to pay £11,500 to have the property demolished, on top of all the costs they have incurred throughout the build.

If you are considering building your own dream home, don’t jump in at the deep end; instead consider the following tips before you start…

Permits and planning permission - First things first, make sure you get planning permission! You should always seek planning permission when deciding on a plot to buy for your new build.

Plan well ahead - Anticipate what’s going to be required, where and when, and then plan well. Ensure you have a plan B if contractors or materials don’t turn up! Thorough research and planning into the materials and trade are essential if your project is to be completed within the time constraints and of course, within budget!

Consider professional help - Professional help can save you money in the long term. You don’t want to end up having to demolish your lovely new home because you didn’t get the right help.

Investigate your plot - Take great care in choosing your plot of land. Finding a building can be one of the most difficult factors for self-builders. Estate Agents, Land Agents, Auctioneers/Valuers and Local Papers are all a useful starting point to finding your plot of land.

Consider costs - Considering the running costs alongside the building costs of your dream home, will ensure that you can afford to run it! A well insulated and airtight home will help to keep costs low.

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